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Sunday Devotion: It won’t always be this hard

I don’t know what you are facing today, or how you are feeling today, but I can tell you this sweet momma, there is Hope! I feel so helpless and hopeless some days and feel lost. As I was scrolling aimlessly through Facebook one night I stumbled across some encouraging words from Scissortail Silk. This came across one evening when I was having this exact feeling. I thought if it helped and encouraged me, I’m sure it will help my friends.

If the enemy can convince you that you’ll always feel this way… that it will always be this way… that the healing is a long way out still… he will have succeeded in replacing Hope with fear.

It WON’T always be this hard. It WON’T always be like this. You WON’T always feel this way. Healing is coming. Wholeness is coming. Hope is coming. Let’s believe it!


Photo credit: Pinterest.com

So I pray that the God of Hope would fill you with all joy and peace as you trust in him, so that you may overflow with hope by the power of the Holy Spirit. In Jesus’ name. Amen.

To read more from Becky Thompson follow her page Scissortale Silk on Facebook by clicking here.




5 Minutes with a Local Mom: Ruby Pace

Ruby, 4Kid’s names and ages: Gabriel (2yrs) Christian (2 months)

Where are you from and how long have you lived in Southwest Missouri? American Samoa and moved to Southwest Missouri seventeen years ago.

What is your favorite family activity in SWMO? Our favorite family activities in SWMO are hiking the beautiful Ozarks, taking the boat out on the lake, and hosting parties with a lot of delicious foods.

Ruby, 6Describe your typical day.

My typical day consists of college classes, raising children, attending church, working out, and volunteering services for my Dad’s orphanage in Kenya, Africa.

What is your biggest challenge as a stay-at-home mom and how do you deal with it? My biggest challenge as a stay-at-home mom is not having enough hours in the day to accomplish work, sleep, eating healthy, working out, raising children, going to church, picking up my husband’s dirty laundry, and managing somewhat of a social life. How do I deal with it? Time management and a tall glass of wine, in moderation… sometimes.

What is the best thing about being a boy mom? The best thing about being a boy mom is all the fun activities we get to do! Most of it consists of getting tremendously dirty! Ruby, 2

Ruby, 1We understand your husband is a member of the highway patrol (Thank you for your service, by the way!). How do you cope with not knowing what types of danger your husband will face when he leaves for work? As a State Trooper’s wife it can be very challenging knowing that the job can be dangerous but at the end of the day all we can do is trust in God, and support each other.

What is the biggest challenge about being married to somebody in law enforcement? Advice you might have for a new mom or wife of a police officer?

The biggest challenges I have as a wife to a State Trooper is knowing that there can always be a chance he might not walk through the front door again, it’s the late nights, and the “honey I’m headed to a wreck,” it’s being strong for my family, and also for myself. It’s the constant reminder that life is short, and to never take these precious moments for granted.

What is the best thing about being married to somebody in law enforcement? The best thing about being married to a law enforcement officer is having the constant support and love from the blue family.Ruby, 3

How do you find some “me” time? And if you had an entire day to yourself, how would you spend the day? Finding time for myself is rare but when I do I am pampering myself in a spa all day long!

What’s something your friends might not know about you?

Something my friends don’t know about me is that I am obsessed with traveling and learning different cultures. This year we are traveling to Destin, FL and North Shore, HI and next year we are hoping to visit the Taj Mahal and spend a few weeks in Thailand to embrace their diverse cultures, languages, and food. Yum!

One word to sum me up:  Adventurous Ruby, 5

Fitness: Find Your Tribe

FitnessSeries2017_SWMom_640x128-hdrby Kelsey Fields

Last month we talked about the dangers of heart disease. Just a recap, heart disease is the number one killer of women, but can oftentimes be preventable through diet and exercise. After learning that carrying an extra 20 lbs puts me at a higher risk, coupled with an extensive family history, I vowed to shed the last of my baby weight from Micky. So far so good! 17 lbs. down, and as those pounds have left me, I have added years and future memories with my husband and children.

My children and husband are my “why,” or why I knew I needed to get serious about getting back to my old body. Now I want to share with you my “how,” or how I have managed to be successful.

It’s a pretty simple concept really. I’m sure most of you have heard of it…Surround yourself with people who lift you up and support your goals and aspirations. I personally have constructed multiple tiers of support to ensure my success. I like to call this my fit tribe. Here are the MVP’s of my tribe:

Tier 1: Home

fields fam eatingEvery Saturday morning my husbands watches both kids while I have my early morning coffee and lace up my running shoes for a long run. He has never guilted me about taking this time to myself. Quite the opposite actually. He encourages me and cheers me on as I head out the door, and inquires about my pace when I get home, always telling me how awesome he thinks I am. Writing this is giving me all the feels! (Cue Josh Groban’s You Lift Me Up).

I understand not every mama is able to leave like I am. If that is the case, invest in some great workout DVDs. My all-time favorite is the Beachbody PiYo series. Do a 30 minute workout before the kids wake up and watch your productivity soar the rest of the day.

Tier 2: Gym

instanityIf I’m not running you’ll find me at our local YMCA four nights a week either teaching or attending group exercise class. Going to these classes on the reg has allowed me to form relationships with other gym goers. When I’m running late all I have to do is text my girlfriend Tiffany and ask her to save me a spot. If I have to miss Insanity because the kids have an activity, I almost always get an, “I missed you today!” text from my girlfriend Emily.

Having these relationships is good for my well-being both mentally and physically. When you put your husband, children, and your career first, it is hard to find time during the week to grow and foster friendships. Being able to catch-up with my girlfriends in between gasps and groans brought on by burpees and push-ups makes it easy! Sometimes. Okay not at all. But it does make it worth it.

Tier 3: Community

coffeeI am pretty stoked about my community fit tribe. I recently created a women’s running group for ladies in the SWMO area! We meet every Saturday morning for fellowship and to log miles. Some of us are training for a half-marathon in May, while others are participating in a 5k at the beginning of April. Regardless of what race you chose to run, this group was made to encourage runners of all distances and abilities. All training runs are posted to a social media page, and the environment is very empowering! All of the women lift one another up and praise every accomplishment, no matter the size. Click here to find a running club near you!

My challenge to you over the next month is to build up one tier of your fit tribe! Really wanted to try  a hot yoga class? Google one in your area and just give it a shot! Ask your husband to watch the kids for you and escape for a trail run. Make sure to let him know how much you appreciate it. You could even offer to take the kids while the football game is on. Whatever you decide, know that you are taking a step in the right direction by getting healthy and building friendships that could last a lifetime.

SWMO Moms fitness category, which is full of healthy tips for all women,  is sponsored by Bass Pro Shops Fitness Series.  

Their mission is to celebrate health and wellness, outdoor adventures and wildlife conservation in the beauty of the Ozarks. Programs are designed to include activities for people of all ages, backgrounds, fitness levels and areas of interest. CLICK HERE for more information or give them a call at 417.873.5214.

Kelsey at insanityKelsey is a stay-at-home mom and just recently completed her degree in elementary education. She is a Beachbody certified Insanity instructor, avid runner and yoga enthusiast. 

When she is not working out, you will find her cheering on the Denver Broncos, substitute teaching and spending time with her family. She is wife to Blake and mom to busy 2 year-old son Max and soon to be one-year-old, Mick.FitnessSeries2017_SWMom_640x186-ftr


Moms + Meals:Unbeatable Bacon

bacon breakfastSizzling, crispy, goodness of bacon: now that’s what I love waking up to on Saturday mornings!

edgwood creameryAs a kid my dad would go all out for breakfast. It wasn’t just bacon and eggs. We usually had eggs, fried potatoes, bacon, sausage and biscuits. There’s something special about starting off your day with your whole family around the table.

I recently discovered Edgewood Creamery in Purdy, MO. They have a variety of great items in the store but have you tried their bacon? If not, you’re missing out!

Bacon can be used in so many dishes. I love to make it for breakfast and use the leftovers for lunch. You can’t go wrong with a BLT!bacon sandwich

Becca Couch, 1Becca and her husband Kenan live in Aurora with three adorable kids. She spends her days learning more than she ever imagined while homeschooling her kids. She loves to cook and try new recipes out! Kenan is the lucky guy that gets to test them out for her. They attend James River-West Campus Church and love spending time with friends and family.

When not homeschooling her kids, Becca has a catering business and would love help you out at your next event. For more information, check out her facebook page by clicking here.

Read: 20 Minutes Per Day

I saw this last week and had to share. Honestly, some many days I am tired and think it would be much easier to NOT take the time to read with my kids. This is a great reminder on those days! Keep reading, mommas!Reading graphic